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The Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback originated in Southern Africa where the early European settlers mated their imported sporting and hunting breeds with the small hunting dogs owned by the Hottentot in order to produce a guard/hunting dog ideally suited to local condition.

The Hottentot hunting dog had a ridge of hair along its spine running in a reverse direction to the rest of the coat and this particular characterisic became a feature of the cross matings between the European breeds and the native dogs.

These 'Ridgebacks' were used as functional all purpose guard and hunting dogs and it was found that they surpassed any other breed when hunting lions.
During the late 19th century reputation of 'Ridgebacks' in the field became established through the exploits of a famous big game hunter in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) named Cornelius Van Rooyan, who had a pack of these ridged dogs. Van Rooyan's dogs were very similar to todays Rhodesian Ridgeback.

It was not of course, intended that the Ridgeback should actually kill the lion, but rather keep it at bay until the hunter could shoot it.

The standard of the breed was drawn up following a meeting of 'Ridgeback' owners in Bulawayo in 1922 and this was excepted by the South African Kennel Union (now the Kennel Union of South Africa) in 1924. The standard envisaged a 'strong, muscular and active dog, symmetrical in outline and capable of great endurance, with a fair amount of speed.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks have adapted well to modern day life. They are highly intelligent and have a loving loyal temperament with those they know, but are distinctly off-hand with strangers. They are good guard dogs, but do not bark unless there is a reason to do so. They are quite happy to lie around all day doing nothing and yet are very enthusiastic about walks or expeditions.

No single breed of dog suits everybody and there aspects of the Ridgeback character which would not endear them to some people. They can be strong-willed, determined, independent and extremely obstinate. There is nothing slavish about a ridgeback - the man/ridgeback relationship tends to be one of partnership rather than a master/servant situation. He never forgets love and understanding nor does he lightly forgive harsh treatment. The Ridgeback is a dog of noble bearing whose physical attributes should reflect his role as guardian, companion and hunter.

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